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American Style

American Style is the most common style of food in most areas of the world. It contains you're typical hamburgers, chicken, steaks. Each of the resturants that I have chosen as my top favorites are all family style pub and grills. They all also have their seating areas built around having a center bar. First on our list is the Westwood Resturant and Pub, this location has a variation of dishes ranging from From the Sea to Pasta Cuisines. The Westwood has it all for every member of the family. Second on our list is the Shortstop Bar and Grill. This family owned resturant is attached to a building that holds the batting cages allowing it to be a catch all. This resturant has indoor and outdoor seating allowing it to be a great place for the whole family to join. The final resturant of the American Style cuisine that I have chosen to write about is 7Bs Bar and Grill. This resturant like the others is built family style around a bar center. Although the menu style is family style American Cuisine this resturant has things from Chicago style hot dogs to Big Mac style burgers and everything inbetween.

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