Westfield Eats


Mexican Style

The Mexican style resturants that I have chosen to write about are only a few and far between the amount of mexican cuisines that are housed in Westfield Massachusetts. I decided to stick with my favorite locally owned locations. First is two river burritos, a shop that is known for their thickly filled burritos. At Two Rivers you get more than what you have paid for. The second shop that I have chosen is Mi Ranchito. Mi Ranchito is also a locally owned resturant. This shop is owned by spanish speakers but is more likely to be a take out resturant than a sit down location. Finally the last resturant that I have decided to add is Santiago's Family Resturant. I choose to put this on my list of favorites because it is the most sit down family style restaurant. Santiago's also contains more of a bar style where are you able to purchase alcoholic beverages if you are of age.

Two River Burrito Click here for Two River Burrito!
Santiago's Family Resturant Click here for Santiago's Family Resturant!
Mi Ranchito Click here for Mi Ranchito!